Illiteracy Weekly Newsletter

…. I wish I’d started this homework assignment earlier instead of 3 hours before it was due… it was A LOT of fun, and I’d love to have put more time and energy into it! I wish the content was better… but I guess it’s funnier if it’s NOT! ūüėČ

If you can’t read the tiny text, no big deal… it’s mostly about articles we had to read for class.

This is what the ‘inspirational’ photo says, in case you can’t read it.¬† ūüėČ
(It’s in the rotation of backgrounds on my laptop)

I’m Excited To Do Homework? School Can Be Fun!

Well, I DID IT!!!  

I completed the first class of my graduate certificate program in Children’s Literature!!!

It was called “The Art of the Picturebook,” and I never knew that school could be so interesting and fun!! ¬†I’ve enjoyed some classes throughout my college career, but none so much as this! I was actually excited to do homework! WHUUUUT!?? weird… ¬†I never really felt like I fit in in any of the other classes or programs I took in the past. ¬†I guess I just needed to find the right program. ¬†And books have always been important to me. ¬†And now I can explore that further! Yaaaaayyyy!!!

This is how I feel about this program!

I Suck at Meditating

But I still try to do it.

You know when I thought about the topic for this blog?


Right now, I’m primarily using this app called ‘Calm,’ which is not that bad. ¬†The free features are perfect for a beginner like me to keep busy I mean CALM. ¬† After a couple of weeks, I decided to actually pay(!?!?) for the whole app, and I’m surprisingly glad I did. ¬†There are ¬†meditations for everything. ¬†And for each category, you can choose what length of time works best for you.

My favorite feature is the sleep stories. ¬†They’ re just someone reading a story in a soothing voice. ¬†Sometimes it’s super boring. ¬†Sometimes it’s a metaphor. ¬†Whatever. ¬†They’re great. ¬†There’s one non-fiction one that I have never been able to stay awake through! ¬†And there’s one fiction one about how cats basically came from dragons! LOVED IT!

Here’s some more information about meditation!

Meditation 101:
More about meditation:
If Ron Swanson can meditate, so can I.
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